.pdf copies and pre-prints of my publications can be found below and at my ResearchGate


Rosenfeld, JR, P Gonzalez, L Jarvis, E Enders, M Bayly, AJ Paul, L MacPherson, JW Moore, M Sullivan, M Ulaski, & KL Wilson. In Press. Stressor-response functions as generalizable models for context dependence. Trends in Ecology & Evolution. – pdf copy

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Selected as Editor’s Choice in February 2020 issue of J. Applied Ecology
Featured on CBC Yukon with Christine Genier


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Featured in the Orlando Sentinel

Rogers, MW, AB Barbour, & KL Wilson. 2014. Trade-offs in experimental designs for estimating post-release mortality in containment studies. Fisheries Research, 151, 130–135. – pdf copy

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